Team – old

Lina Nilsson

Lina is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California Berkeley. After receiving her Doctor of Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), she spent one year traveling and visiting laboratories in Asia and South America through a Bonderman Fellowship.

Bertram Koelsch

Bertram is a doctoral student in the UC Berkeley – UC San Francisco Graduate Program in Bioengineering.  Several years ago while spending time exploring the Swiss Alps, he received his master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). Always in pursuit of adventure, whether in the outdoors or at a science conference, Bertram travels the globe as time allows.

Kevin Lance

Kevin is a doctoral student in the UC Berkeley – UC San Francisco Graduate Program in Bioengineering and previously studied at the University of Michigan.  Kevin’s enthusiasm for science has led him to several teaching outreach organizations, and he sees Tekla Labs as a similar opportunity to help resource-limited scientists teach themselves what they need to thrive.  In his spare time, Kevin tackles miscellaneous DIY craft projects.

Todd Duncombe

Todd’s experiences traveling in rural Asia and South America led him to pursue a PhD project related to point of care medicine in low resource settings.  His current role in Tekla Labs is mentoring undergraduate engineers in the construction and documentation of the first prototypes, utilizing his BS in Electrical Engineering.

Christopher Rhodes

Chris is a graduate student in the  Mechanical Engineering Department at UC Berkeley. For his thesis, Chris is developing nanoengineered optical methods for cell membrane experiments in a chemistry research group.  In addition to his familiarity with a diversity of laboratory equipment, he brings experience as a mechanical design engineer in the automotive and heavy vehicle industry.

Kate Lovero

Kate is a graduate student in neuroscience at UCSF. She is interested in science education, and gets involved wherever she can to increase access to and effectiveness of it.  This involvement spans from her research, where she studies the molecular mechanisms of learning, to her extracurricular activities, which include international and local teaching experiences as well as her work with Tekla Labs.

Javier Rosa

Javier enjoys fixing, tinkering, and making on a shoe string budget. He is presently working on a low-cost power efficient power grid designed for rural villagers in emerging regions. After hours he works on open-source design and microcontroller powered monstrosities.

Michael Kang

Michael is a scientist and has played a key role in defining our new online approach and social interaction aspect.

Julea Vlassakis

Julea is pursuing a PhD project in point-of-care diagnostics for implementation in developing countries. She is utilizing her experience in fundraising as Vice President of her college fencing team to coordinate Tekla fundraising efforts.