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Backyard Brains!

July 10, 2011 in Things We Like

We just got word of an exciting project coming from the scientists over at backyard brains.  They have developed a Brain Recording Kit that allows the DIY researcher to see and hear the electrical activity of neurons.  Simple, 3-step video instructions will guide you through building your own Spiker Box, and a series of experiments and tutorials posted will get you started as an electrophysiologist.  For those less inclined to build their own, but who’d like to get in on some DIY electrophysiology, the Spiker Box Kit can be purchased pre-assembled and ready to be used for experiments upon delivery.  And keep checking back in with backyard brains; they just received a grant from the NIH to help develop their project, so you can expect many more tutorials and interesting experiments will be added to their site in the near future.