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Countdown to April 30. 3D printing design deadline!

April 6, 2012 in Our News

Tekla Labs’ 3D printing competition is in the final stretch.  Enter now to win oscilloscopes, kindles, tools for your shed, Make magazine subscriptions, and more!

Read about the competition, and about Tekla Labs, in this recent blog from PC World: Tekla Labs Wants To Help You Print Your Own Lab


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2-for-1 3D Printing Competition Submissions

February 25, 2012 in Our News, Things We Like

Tekla Labs’ 3D printing competition is on and the first designs have been submitted! We’ll be acccepting submissions until the end of April.

There have been some questions about the ownership/sharing of submitted designs: we’re encouraging everyone to be as open as possible and to share their designs through our website or other online portals. See the competition guidelines for details of our open license suggestion. However, this is ultimately up to you, and feel free to suggest alternatives that work for you!

In addition, Instructables is hosting an even larger competition – Make it Real – with $100,000 in prizes for the best designs! And best of all, you can submit the same designs to both competitions!  Thanks to Instructables again for sponsoring our competition at the same time as they are running their own and for supporting “2-for-1″ dual submissions.

Tekla Labs’ competition:


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Enter Our 3D Printing Competition!

February 2, 2012 in Our News

Tekla Labs is excited to announce a 3D Printed Design competition for do-it-yourself science and engineering: PRINTmyLAB.
Get your design 3D printed!  Over $1000 in additional prizes for the winning entries!

1)   DIY Alternative: A 3D printing blueprint for an item that can replace a commercial product or a specific component of a commercial product used in scientific laboratories or in scientific/engineering research.  Especially helpful if this part tends to break or get lost.
2)   Novel Gadget: A 3D printing blueprint for a novel item not commercially available that is of use in scientific laboratories or in scientific/engineering research.  Invent! Imagine! Print!

Who can enter: Anyone!
Details & submission:

Important Dates
April 30: Last possible day to submit a design (11:59pm PST)
May 10: Final winners are announced

Happy Designing,
The Tekla Labs Team

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