Johann Faccelo Osma Cruz

What is the focus of your research?  What methodology does your lab use?
Our research focuses on the design and manufacturing of biosensors and microsystems, especially those dedicated to the microfluidics, for food and environmental secrity and monitoring. The lab is split between researchers in the field and others working on the tech-development side. The latter group designs and builds new pieces of equipment to streamline the research teams efforts.

What types of laboratory equipment are you in need of?
Our lab works in a clean room, so equipment related to nanolitography or spectrometry are of  interest.

Given clear instructions, would you be willing to build the above equipment?

What equipment have you built? And what effect has it had on your research?
In general terms, since we opened our lab back in 2010, we have already developed several new pieces of equipment. Including some DYI equipment that allowed researchers to focus on their work instead of having to solve minor problems related to the operation of devices. Examples include mufles (700ºC controlled ovens), controlled micropumps, a microfluidics microscopy monitoring platform, electrophoretic deposition equipment for solid and liquid phases, an environmental controlled chamber for sensor analysis, controlled peristaltic pumps and now working on developing a 3D polymeric microprinter. By building custom equipment we can effectively train personnel and as its custom equipment it can be easily configured to meet our unique needs.

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