How to Contribute

**** From August – December, 2013 we are holding a competition for DIY equipment guides through!  If you would like to contribute, we encourage you to head over to the competition website and submit your design.  Prizes include a mini mill, oscilloscope, Dremel and Arduino kits, 3D printers, and more!! ****

You can get started right now! Submit and edit guides

If you have questions about designs in the Tekla Repository please email us at, or use the Contact Form on the main menu.

The Tekla Labs Team

Future Designs Needed

This is our “wish list” for lab equipment DIY designs… please let us know if you’d like to help out and create document the DIY process to create any of these!

-37C chamber for a microscope, with or without CO2 capabilities
-Incubator temperature control
-Orbital shaker table
-Isolation table (eliminates vibrations, essentially is a suspension system for delicate instruments)
-Fume Hood or Tissue Culture Hood
-Water bath
-Sonicator bath
-Gel Electroporation box
-Simple function generator (electrical equipment)
-cell culture microscope (ambitious, but we get a lot of demand for “how to” documents that cover microscope repair)
-Bifocal dissecting microscope
-Vortexer mixer
-Block heaters with controlled temperature (for eppendorf tubes)

(Other) Help Needed:

It takes a lot of team effort to keep Tekla Labs moving ahead. This is a short list of other help that could help advance our efforts. Feel free to contact us if you think you could help out!

-Website style/design
-Database development for our DIY instructions
-3D CAD experience
-Outreach to labs in developing countries
-Mechanical/Electrical Engineering experience for advising/consulting on design best practices
-Legal advice for non-profits
-Funding or grant opportunities to keep Tekla Labs going

1 response to How to Contribute

  1. I am very interested in your project. I have 30+ years designing instrumentation at Dalhousie University- Chemistry Dept, and run Computer Interface Consultants (to sell some my instrument designs). I’ve written ~50 articles for Circuit Cellar magazine over the last 15 years, and enjoy technical writing/editing.
    Some projects that I have done which might lend themselves to “financially-challenged” institutions are:
    1) Compact Differential scanning Calorimeter
    2) Photometer (fixed wavelengths of Red,Green Blue via RGB LED emitter)
    3) Voltammograph (computer interfaced)
    4) pH meters with computer interface for graphing titrations etc.
    5) Microplate irradiation device using LEDS with microcontroller control of irradiation profiles on a well-by-well basis.
    6)Some years back I built numerous PCR devices using a toaster oven and a separate temperature cycling controller
    I own a DIY CNC milling machine, and wonder if I could use this for making something like electrophoresis cells etc.
    You site was brought to my attention by a colleague Dr Mary Anne White. who just attended a conference in which you were involved.