The lack of standard lab equipment is a serious limitation to scientific research in many parts of the world. Too often, labs that lack such equipment are in emerging regions where the potential for scientific impact is the greatest.

To combat this problem, University of California researchers have created Tekla Labs. Tekla Labs enables scientists to construct their own high quality lab equipment using readily available, off the shelf items. Though in its early stage, Tekla Labs has already generated excitement from laboratories in such diverse places as Egypt and Panama.

Tekla Labs is creating a library of open source DIY (do-it-yourself) documents that guide in the construction of quality lab equipment. While many real-world examples of such equipment already exist, detailed instruction on how to build lab equipment does not and quality assurance is lacking. These are the missing pieces that Tekla Labs is addressing.

Through partnerships with labs in both developed and developing countries, Tekla Labs is growing a worldwide community of like minded researchers, educators and students.


The Tekla Labs Team

Julea Vlassakis - Executive Director
Mike Kang - COO
Kate Lovero - Global Outreach Coordinator
Jason Porter – Global Outreach Coordinator
Todd Duncombe - Muscle
Javier Rosa - DIY Outreach Coordinator
Kevin Lance - Builder Liaison
Bertram Koelsh - Founder
Lina Nilsson - Founder